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Shipping Guarantees2018-06-21T20:35:39-07:00

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Shipping Guarantees

Shipping Guarantees

Canada post safe drop option2018-07-03T16:27:38-07:00

We only insure the “Do Not Safe Drop” delivery option and we will not insure the “Safe Drop” delivery option.

Shipping to Nunavut, Northern Ontario and Northern Quebec2017-05-08T13:43:46-07:00

Unfortunately the occurrence of theft is quite high in these areas and thus we cannot guarantee delivery if we ship your package there. This means we will not send you a replacement package or refund if your package is lost or stolen.

Signature required option?2020-04-06T12:34:28-07:00

We do not send packages out with signature required. If you would like your package to be sent out with signature required, please include this request in your order notes during the checkout process.


If your shipment is deemed “not recoverable” by Canada Post we will send you a replacement package free of charge up to $200.00. We also will pay for shipping and the package will be sent with the “Signature Required” option.